Self development holistic coaching and life coach in Burnham and across the UK

Do you have a challenging issue in your life that you can’t seem to get past or a life goal that seems so far out of reach?
If so, I can work with you to help you find the most amazing solutions and attract new and positive things in your life.

Using a holistic approach, you will be empowered as you create a new life for yourself. I will show you techniques you can use at any time to release negative blocked emotions quickly and easily.

As you do so, you will find that you become more aligned with your true self and that’s when those wonderful “co-incidences” start to happen!

“I enjoyed the session with you.  Quite a few strange things have happened since we met.  Perhaps I should book another session with you!”
When positive thinking is just not enough…


  • So you start thinking positively – this time it’s going to be different.
  • You’re going to stick to your New Year’s resolution, new diet, going to the gym, you’re going to stand up to that person this time, you are going to be successful…….it’s going to be different.
  • So, why isn’t it? Why do you stop thinking positively? It’s not your fault because it’s automatic.
  • That’s where I step in – that’s my speciality.
  • There are two aspects here: First of all, you stop thinking positively and secondly you’re afraid of change. Let’s face it, change can be frightening – all sorts of fears come up. I can help you release and reduce your fears while you are making those positive changes in your life

"Thank you for today. I feel like I'm re-born!"

Your case is unique and the service is tailor made to suit you. Whether you need guidance and support to remove negative repeated patterns or blocks or whether you simply want to become more successful in all sorts of areas in your life, I can help by using a range of techniques.

“This is just awesome.  It’s the most powerful “therapy” / anything I’ve ever done in my life.  After doing this process several times, I know it works every time.  It’s simply amazing and life changing.  It’s also such a wonderful loving experience – words fail me…..”

Some of the sessions / techniques you may experience include:

“Thank you very much.  It was an awesome experience.  I feel different than before I came to see you.  I feel very refreshed and my thoughts seem a lot clearer.  Some things I can’t really explain with words….”

The power and psychology of colour

  • Whether you realise it or not, colour affects you at a very deep psychological level.
  • Colour is understood by the subconscious and spiritual aspects of you.
  • If you chose to work with colour, I use a very powerful system called “Colour Mirrors” as it helps to remove subconscious blocks and literally mirrors back to you what you need to shift next in your life!
  • Beliefs such as lack of self-worth or no self-belief are just a couple of aspects which can be cleared by the use of this system.

What do these colours reveal about your life at the moment?


Have a go at a colour reading and see for yourself!

Important: Whilst EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques are very powerful and have produced remarkable clinical results, the techniques are used for self development purposes and are in no way intended to replace medical advice or diagnosis. So do take good care of yourself whilst using the techniques and understand that you take full responsibility for your emotional and physical well-being; for anything which may arise whilst using EFT on yourself, during sessions with a Practitioner or thereafter.