Connect with the Magic and Power of Colour
Be amazed, surprised and have lots of insights in these Colour Sessions. Have fun in these sessions as you explore life from a different perspective. Experience the benefits of colour via a telephone or face to face Colour Session - both are very powerful.

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So get ready to transform your outlook and your life as you gain valuable insights in the session.

Also, feel the magic of the "Colour Mirrors" system which comprises over 100 beautiful colour bottles. Observe how you are drawn to certain Colours throughout the session.

In addition, notice how potential "blocks" in your life are raised to the surface for release as you connect with the colour.  At the same time, feel the support of the colours as you experience the changes.

Experience it for yourself - have a go at a Free Colour Reading

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Which session?  The choice is yours

  • Imagine what you can achieve in an hour's session with all that colour information!
  • There are so many different Colour Readings or Colour Sessions to choose from.
  • So you might wonder - what is the difference between a Colour Reading and Colour Session?
  • Well the starting point to consider is what do you want to work on?
  • You might also ask yourself what you want to achieve in the session. That will then determine what type of session to have. This is something we discuss in our initial chat.

Colour Readings

  • Now, the idea behind these Colour Readings is to give you information and insights to work with.
  • Basically, a Colour Reading involves me interpreting the bottles you have selected.  So with this type of session, listen, feel and observe what comes up for you.
  • For example, experience the flow of a Dynamic Colour Reading.  Explore as you bring in new colours and put back the colours no longer resonating with you.
  • Alternatively, clear your relationship issues with a Chakra Reading.
  • Explore your full potential and gain clarity on your life path with a Life Path and Soul Journey Reading.
  • Perhaps you are drawn to a "Past, Present and Future" Reading to help you to a greater level of understanding about your life.
  • Clear up family issues and learn more about your family dynamics with a Family Tree Reading.
  • These are just a few types of Colour Readings but they can be applied to absolutely any area of your life.
  • These Colour Readings involve interpretation from me regarding the bottles you are drawn to.
  • Decide which type of reading is best for you.  Tell me what issue you would like to work on when we have our initial chat.

bottles 097 Colour Sessions

  • On the other hand, Colour Sessions are extremely powerful and more interactive.
  • So, if you have an issue and it seems like you are stuck, this is a great session to have.
  • Like many clients do, cut straight to the issue and release it.
  • Feel the support the colour brings as you let go, let go, let go.
"Thank you for the amazing clearing session we did on Thursday, I have been feeling very peaceful and really connected to myself, which is wonderful as I have never felt this in myself before."

Chakra Clearing Sessions - great for stress

  • Another alternative type of colour session is this popular and wonderfully energising Chakra Clearing Session.  Relax on a therapy bed, with colour bottles placed on and around you. Connect with your blissful state as you experience the lovely aromas of the colour essences.
  • Feel the energy within your body as your "Chakras" are activated by colour.  Observe the increased energy, sensations in the body, thoughts/feelings and memories.
  • Explore these things and release or just drift off to an even deeper state of relaxation as the colours do their thing.
  • Relax as the stress, tension or worry releases from your body.
  • Feel the healing power of the colour as you feel more enlightened and invigorated during of the session.
  • Notice how at the end of the session, you feel lighter, more rejuvenated and refreshed with a new outlook on life.

Reiki with Colour

  • If you want to go a step further, ask for a Reiki with Colour session.Colour Sessions
  • Experience the power of the Reiki energy and colour combined.
  • Feel as the energy blocks are quickly removed.
  • Observe how your body draws the energy in.
  • Enjoy the powerful effects of the combined colour and Reiki energy which is amplified hugely.
  • Connect with the colours you are drawn to at the time.

So as you now know, there are lots of different types of Colour Sessions or Colour Readings to experience.  No matter what aspect of your life you want to improve - there will always be an answer with colour.

"I've done many sessions with Priscilla and I'm learning to trust that I return more to myself after each one. Every time the joy returns and I feel renewed. She is the best at what she does and worth every single penny and I don't say that lightly."

  Contact me on the details below to explore what Colour Session or Colour Reading is right for you.

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You will be guided in your Colour Session / Reading by me, your advanced Colour Practitioner

  • Colour Mirrors Advanced Colour Practitioner.

Would you like to be trained in Colour? 

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