What is Life Coaching?

  • So the question is - why would you need a Life coach in your life?  Also what does a Life Coach do?
  • You don't need a Life Coach to help you to live your life.  You can do that perfectly well on your own.
  • Sometimes though, an independent person can listen, observe, question and motivate you.
  • For example, you may have a goal you wish to achieve but can't seem to do it.
  • There is only one person who can make the changes happen in your life.  That is you.
  • However, experience what it feels like to have someone to assist in encouraging you to keep your focus.  Feel what it's like to help you to tap into your unlimited potential and exceed your goals. Does that then appeal to you?
  • Listen to what you say.  You might find the majority involves negative talk. You will do this without even realising.
  • However, take a moment to think back.  You must have had some good things happen in your life - successful, happy times?
  • What if someone who could help you re-create that same positive patterning that led to those happy times?
  • Enjoy sessions with me as we explore positive thinking.  However, we also explore positive feeling too.
  • So my role is to help you facilitate positive change and achieve more positive results in your life.
  • Here you will discover more about yourself as we analyse your motivations, review internal dialogue and engage many methods to improve your life experience. For example, SWOT analysis and cognitive resonance techniques might be used to challenge thinking and behaviours.
  • This is what my Life Coaching sessions are all about.
  • My Life Coaching sessions involve working with people of all ages and professions, including business and sport professionals.
  • Sometimes, other techniques are used in sessions, if they are appropriate - such as EFT, Matrix and Colour to assist clients in achieving their goals quickly and easily.  The client chooses their preference of technique.
  • So empower yourself to be the person you want to be.
"I feel so much better - I feel as though I have a spring in my step and want to get on and do things which is great as I have a lot to do today."
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Let me help you reach your potential by being your Life Coach 
  • MASC (Life Coach), AHCP reg
  • Practitioner member of the AHCP (Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners).
  • Member of the Association of Stress Consultants.
"Priscilla really understands the power of this technique and will help you to achieve results whether during her consultations or afterwards on your own. Priscilla gives you inspiration, as she really cares about making a difference if you really want to as well."