What is Matrix Reimprinting?
  • Experience the Matrix Reimprinting technique as you clear out the negative effects of a memory.
  • Transform a negative scene / memory by releasing negative beliefs and feelings.
  • Use EFT to interact with the memory.
  • Then create and imprint a positive outcome.
  • For example, you might wish you had said or done something different.  Matrix Reimprinting gives you the resources and allows you to do that.
  • It's a similar concept to hypnotherapy but more accurate and powerful.
  • This is because it enables you to measure very clearly what emotions, feelings, beliefs around that memory still needs to be worked on.
  • So think of a past event that you wished you had handled differently. Then imagine what you would say or do now.  With the Matrix Reimprinting technique, it's almost like being able to go back in time. Imagine then, how good it would feel to be able to do that. 

“Thank you for your guidance on my journey back to optimum health and for educating me with a new understanding for a much happier and richer new life”.

Changing the past means changing the present
  • So feel those positive changes in your Matrix Reimprinting session.
  • Also gain valuable insights into where and why your beliefs were formed in the first place.
  • Apart from anything else, view your life and your personal / spiritual development from a completely new perspective.
  • Then let go of the patterns you have repeated over and over again.
“I did enjoy the session. My back feels much better, which is very odd as I have had the problem since my daughter was born. Although it makes no sense at all, as you know I am very open to other approaches to mend problems, so if it works, I am going with it”.

  • So, as a result of changing how you feel about the past, notice the difference in how you are feeling now.
  • For example, you may feel lighter or happier perhaps?
  • Then observe your new understanding and perception of your life.
  • Ask yourself what you can achieve now and enjoy the new YOU.
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You will be guided by me, your Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner in this session
  • Member of AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques).
  • Trained by Karl Dawson (EFT Master / creator of Matrix Reimprinting).  Listed as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner www.matrixreimprinting.com