What is Psychotherapy all about?

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got"

  • You may have heard the above saying and it's absolutely true! But how do you get out of it?
  • Ask yourself ...if you have always reacted or responded in the same way to things, how can the outcome change?  Your current expectations of what will happen is based on your past experiences of what did happen.
  • So the process of Psychotherapy is a journey into your past.  This exploration can unlock the keys to a free-er, more abundant and happier life in the present and future too.
  • Therefore feel the relief as we explore and as you express yourself.  Find your answers. Meanwhile, you are supported by an unbiased, non-judgemental approach and someone to "hold the space for you" while you go through the process.

Psychotherapy and Dreams Analysis
  • Psychotherapy and dreams analysis can provide some amazing insights into your life.
  • Expect to experience an incredible transformation, with a fresh new start, new approaches and a new beginning.
  • View your life in a more positive way and from a different perception.
  • Here you develop a greater sense of value and self worth.
  • In addition, find your own path, direction and gain that passion for life again.
  • So, identify the issue you want to work on.  We then get working on exploring the root of the problem that's causing you discomfort in your life right now.
The good old Subconscious belief system
  • It really is a process.  As you allow the process to release hidden thoughts and buried beliefs, gain insights and answers.
  • Bring those thoughts to the surface, explore, understand them and then let them go.
  • So as you release unidentified feelings, start tuning into happier memories and providing a greater sense of well being.
  • Expose old negative ways of thinking that no longer serve you.  Explore new and better approaches.   We look at the worst possible outcomes and the pros and cons of change etc.
  • Find out where the original feelings and beliefs came from.  Observe how these repeated patterns of behaviour have replicated throughout your life.
  • Decide to learn from these feelings and beliefs and make changes for the better as you release feelings that hold you back in life.
  • The role of a Psychotherapist is to facilitate your self empowerment.  Experience various disciplines, assisting you to face fears, helping to release negative emotions and feeling the release.
  • As well as self empowerment, it's about achieving independence and freedom from the past. Dreams Analysis
  • So as you release the past, you take responsibility for your life.
  • Here you actively seek to improve the quality of your life and the Psychotherapist encourages you to make these positive changes.
  • My experience and extensive exposure of this process in this field has been extremely valuable in assisting clients.
  • These clients gain a much deeper understanding of where their automatic, negative thinking, feeling patterns and limiting beliefs have emanated from.
  • This has resulted in many clients being able to achieve their goals.  They have overcome their personal problems and have found their true selves.
  • As a result, this has led to some big positive changes in their lives, with more freedom than ever before and a wonderful sense of well being.

Dreams Analysis Dreams Analysis
  • Dreams analysis is one of those things that people are fascinated by.
  • The world of dreams can seem like a mystery, with people wanting to learn and find out more.
  • So, explore with me what your dreams are telling you.
  • Let me assist you to read and interpret your own dreams.
  • Also delve into the world of the subconscious and understand how it works.
  • One to one sessions are available for this and I have also run workshops on dreams analysis. So, experience the light bulb moment when you realise the message your dream is trying to tell you. Finally then, make the changes in your life for the better.

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If you are interested in any dreams workshops, click on this link.

Let's explore what holds you back and make positive changes with me, your Psychotherapist
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  • Practitioner member of the AHCP (Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners).
  • Member of the Association of Stress Consultants.